Healing Energies will bring to the surface all that is within us of a “lower” vibration that needs to be healed and released, giving us the opportunity to see what we have been holding onto that no longer serves us so that we can let it go. You may experience nausea, pains or aches in the body, become overly emotional, feel tired, etc. Whenever we have any physical issue (ongoing or intermittent), the symptom(s) of that issue may present itself after a healing. This is a release of the emotional pains, memories which have been stored in the particular body part experiencing aching, pain, discomfort, etc.  Although uncomfortable, it is a very important part of your healing process and will not last for too long.

During this 28-30 day release process, it may look as though things are getting worse, but they are only getting better. You are becoming more healthy emotionally, mentally and physically as well as more spiritually evolved through each Healing/Clearing and the release process.

There is a 30-Day Release/Detox Regimen we ask that you follow after your Healing, i.e., best foods to eat, thinking positive thoughts, loving yourself and others, forgiving yourself and others, allowing your feelings to flow without questioning any of them and taking a salt and lemon bath. We will email all of the detailed information to you.

Many people require several healings to receive the results they desire…a return to health, happiness, self-love, patience, improved self-esteem, addiction removal, etc. Each of us is like an onion…with each layer of negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and others (which cause disease) needing to be peeled and removed (through Healings/Clearings). As each layer is peeled, more negative issues, illness, disease is brought to the surface that needs to be let go. Each healing removes (peels) one, two or more layers, exposing negative beliefs of a “lower” vibration we have held onto. Again, giving us an opportunity to see what has been stored within us, all of which needing to be released.

*Your participation is imperative as intention plays an enormous role in the efficacy of a shamanic/spiritual energy healing. If a client refuses to disengage from his suffering, then a shamanic/energy healing can be of little service. But if one is willing, a shamanic/spiritual energy healing can engage and catalyze the spiritual and self-healing capacities of the body that are often overlooked or pushed aside by traditional therapies and modern medicine.*

Unity Energy Healings will bring calm, peace, love and joy into your life and help prevent future health issues.

Please call us with any questions you may have at 585-205-4116. Healings are done In-Person at our Healing Center in Maryland, via Skype (computer) or Conference Call.

Thank you!

Deniella Rose and Dawn Secada