Spiritual/Shamanic Energy Healing & Clearing

Unity Energy Healing’s Spiritual Energy Healings/Clearings remove negative energies from you and your energy field. They are also very effective for physical health problems, emotional and mental health issues, overall well-being, connecting you with the Divine/Source/God, as well as facilitating the healing of your current life circumstances. These Healings/Clearings also clear your body and energy field from negative spiritual entities which cause disease, ill health, negative thoughts, changes in personality, fear, anger, anxiety, suicidal tendencies and addictions. As a result of this Clearing, your mind and life will shift into a more positive direction.

Time for this session is 40-45 minutes. The cost is $200.00

Information we need: Full birth name (first, middle, last – on birth certificate) and birth date.

Healings/Clearings are conducted either In-Person, Skype (computer), or Telephone.

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Our Healing/Clearing sessions can provide healing and relief from the following:

Emotionally: will relieve your anxiety, fears, addictions, suicidal tendencies, feeling depressed and sad, OCD, and grief. You will feel happier, more loving and loved, less burdened and more at peace.

Mentally: will ease your negative thinking or just too much thinking, increase your self-esteem, help you to process ideas and thoughts in a more fluid way.  Negative thoughts lead to disease in the body. Positive thoughts lead to a happy and healthy Mind, Body and Spirit.

Physically: you will feel lighter, less pain and inflammation, less gastric issues (stomach, intestines, etc.), your blood will flow more easily throughout your body, and you’ll breathe easier.

Spiritually: your spirituality will increase as your vibration increases, your chakras and aura (energy field) will be cleansed and balanced, as well as energy blockages removed, and negative energies which have laid dormant will be removed, freeing your body from physical and emotional illness.

Unity Energy Healings also offers Healings/Clearings to accelerate the Integration process for those who have had a Near-Death Experience (NDE) or those who are going through a Spiritual Awakening. This healing work will provide you with profound and positive emotional, mental, physical and spiritual changes. It will help you move forward with your NDE transformation or Spiritual Awakening.

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