I’ve been studying energy healing and spirituality for more than 35 years. However, to write about what I do, you should have a brief understanding of my background and who I am.

During my life, I suffered with so much illness which eventually brought me to a Near Death Experience (NDE) 12 years ago. I was in a coma for 2 weeks and my prognosis was very poor; my family was asked to bring in Hospice. When I awoke from the coma, I had knowledge and abilities (gifts) I didn’t have before. I also realized that part of the reason I became so ill was because of western medicine and that if I continued solely on the path of seeking solutions to my illnesses in this manner, I wouldn’t be here any longer. A couple of months after my release from the hospital, I received a Shamanic healing which led me to take Shamanic Healing workshops. These workshops transformed my life. After these workshops, I collaborated with Deniella Rose, another amazing Spiritual Energy & Shamanic Healer in New York. I left the D.C. area, moved to New York and received numerous healings (too many to count) and became healthy. I went from someone being so extremely ill to someone so vibrant and healthy today! Because of what happened to me and my first-hand knowledge of going through this process, I know this has been a gift in my life that I would love to share with others. Healing, guiding and helping others in this manner is my life’s work now. I can show you how you too can enjoy a better quality of life through different modalities of healing. You, too can have a life free from illness, physical pain, and depression/anxiety.

I offer the following methods of Healing: Reiki Healing with Chakra Clearing and Balancing, Spiritual Energy Healing & Clearing and Intuitive Spiritual & Life Guidance/Coaching.

I would be honored to show you other ways to heal, clear negativity from your body, mind and heart so you can feel peace, love and joy!

I send you much love, light, peace and blessings.