Spiritual & Life Guidance

Dawn Secada and/or Deniella Rose offer Intuitive Spiritual and Life Guidance to all in need of direction or advice for their spiritual life and/or human existence. Combining these two can be difficult. Staying on your life path and moving forward can be overwhelming. Remaining focused on who you truly are and applying that knowledge to your daily life can be challenging. Dawn and Deniella will help you understand this truth: You are a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience, NOT the other way around. Once you truly understand this, you will know how loved you are by Our Creator/God, the Angels and beautiful guides who guide and watch over you every moment of your Human existence.

The cost for this service is $35.00/15 minutes,
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$65.00/30 minutes for Dawn or Deniella
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We can help you discover where you are on your journey and how to continue moving forward.

If you are interested in learning more about a session, please call us at 585-205-4116 or email us at