Pendulum/Dowsing Training with Subconscious Programming/Attunement

Dawn Secada and Deniella Rose teach those interested in using a Pendulum for Dowsing. If you have ever wanted to learn the proper way to Dowse, you’ve come to the right people! This method can be used in healing, to remove Negative Entities/Energy and Spirits from your body/energy field or from a loved one at a distance, finding missing objects and for other uses. Dawn and Deniella often use this method for a quick Clearing of negative entities and unbeneficial energies, as well as cutting toxic energy cords from our clients.

Pendulum/Dowsing Training & Subconscious Programming/Attunement session is approximately 1.5 to 2 hours and is done In-Person only.

The cost for this training is $175.00 (includes pendulum)

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Dowsing with a Pendulum is a great tool which can provide healing and peace in your life. You must, however be in your heart when you dowse. If you are in your mind (ego), feeling emotional, fear, anger, panic, anxiety or any other human emotion, you will not get the correct answer(s). For this reason, we have added the Subconscious Programming to our teaching.

During the Pendulum and Dowsing Training, we begin with Programming/Installing the “Program” – minimum 30 – 45 minute process. This process will program your subconscious mind to only access and use your Intuition, Higher Self, Angels and Spirit Guides to receive answers to your questions while dowsing; otherwise your mind (ego): fears, emotions, wants and desires will give you incorrect answers.

After the Subconscious Programming/Attunement

*We will practice using a “script” (the proper method) on how to remove any and all negative attachments, cut toxic energetic cords and unbeneficial energies on you or any loved one/friend at a distance with the Pendulum.

*How to properly ask questions for yourself and others using the Pendulum.

*Next, you will be shown how to check whether your Spirit is Out of Your Body, and if so, how to bring it “back in” with the Pendulum.

*You will also learn how to Ground yourself with the Pendulum.

You will leave your training session with so much knowledge about how to dowse correctly. We know you will enjoy this new healing tool!

If you are interested  in learning more, please call 585-205-4116 or email us at