I am so thankful Dawn and Deniella are on this planet. They have helped me several times, now.  Once, after a prolonged hospital stay, I apparently picked up a negative entity/negative spirit or something while recovering.  After a week of gruesome nightmares — and normally I don’t have bad dreams — they cleared the negative attachment and the nightmares stopped.  It was quite a relief!  And there is another experience I’d like to share, too, because perhaps others are going through the same thing — unaware that the emotions they are feeling might not, in fact, be theirs!    

Now, I’m a pretty optimistic person, and I’m pretty level headed 99% of the time.  But a while back, I started to feel depressed.  It wasn’t that noticeable at first, yet over about a two week period it got increasingly more severe. At some point I even started musing ‘maybe suicide wouldn’t be a bad alternative right now,’ and that is DEFINITELY not me.  That was the trigger, I believe, that got me thinking.  “Well if it’s not me, then who is it!?” And I realized I might very well have a negative entity on board… or something like that.  That’s when I called Dawn and Deniella and asked if they could help, and Dawn said they would look into it for me that evening.  At about 8 o’clock I got a text from Dawn saying that Deniella had pulled a nasty entity out of me and I should be feeling better shortly.  In fact, I already was.  In a few hours the difference was dramatic — like night and day.  I felt like a completely different person and had my trusty, feel-good self back.  

Thank you Dawn and Deniella for providing this awesome service (and being equally as awesome to work with).  I love you guys!

Jim GrapekCEO Pavilion, Rockville, MD

To be in the presence of Dawn and Deniella is to feel true unconditional love. Kind of like being wrapped in a blanket of love. They understood and supported me with their compassionate and loving nature.  

The healing I received was at such a deep level and allowed me to truly let go of an unhealthy relationship that was causing me both emotional and physical pain. There was nothing for me to do during the healing. I just relaxed as the healing took place, knowing that I was safe and cared for by two incredible healers. What resulted was a happier and healthier me as I no longer carry the guilt of stepping away from that relationship.

I thank you both for your exceptional gift of divine healing.

Antoinette JudelsohnTeacher, Buffalo, NY

I received my first Reading/Healing from Dawn and Deniella not really knowing what to expect. I was very surprised by how accurate Deniella was able to see the things that had occurred throughout my life. She was able to see the verbal/emotional/physical abuse I had gone through. She saw that I had created a shield around my heart to protect myself from future hurt. She also saw how much anger and rage I had been carrying all these years. She was shown how I had pushed men away who really loved me, and so much more. 

During my healing, she saw something very dark on me and removed it. She also removed my anger and the shield I had created. I have never felt more peaceful and lighter in my life. All of the people I come in contact with have mentioned how calm my energy is now.  

I have referred multiple people since then and every single one of them is living a much happier, more peaceful life because of these two women. 

I have received another healing since then. During my second healing, Deniella told me as we do more healings, she is able to see more, like peeling back layers of an onion. She saw that at age 13, someone had put a curse on me. I remember specifically at that age, I changed from a happy, lighthearted girl into an angry, violent girl. The curse was full of hate. She was able to remove that curse and I have benefited greatly from her doing so. 

These two lovely women are helping me get on the path I am meant to walk in this life. I am open to love, happiness and a life of peace I had only heard about and seen in movies. These women are a blessing to all who encounter them. If they can do for you, what they have done for me, I encourage you, Let them. 

I look forward to my next reading/healing, and many, many more.

Tracey N.Hairstylist, Gaithersburg, MD

I was referred to Deniella and Dawn at the pinnacle of a very stressful time in my life. At the time, I had never heard of spiritual energy healing. I was depressed every day, crying all the time, anxiety caused me insomnia, and the cycle was taking its toll. Mind you, this was not the normal “me” and I hated how I felt. Also, there was a bad feeling in my home, but I assumed that negativity stemmed from me and my blues. My daughter saw an entity travel from my nightstand to my closet one night, and followed up by telling me “I see things all the time”.  That was sort of the point where I decided we needed something.

I spoke with Dawn about how I felt and Deniella promptly completed my reading and healing.  The reading was astonishing in itself in terms of what Deniella saw and knew of me.  She also looked at my young daughter and found that she had a spirit attached to her.  Oddly, and my first “wow” moment, I was told this spirit was that of a young person who died (not wanting to) of heart problems.  My daughter had come to work with me at the hospital the previous Saturday night and spent the night with me on a cardiac unit as that is my specialty. This spirit was removed.

Then on to me, a dark entity was found in my right lower back. Someone trying to pull me back. For a long time I had right lower back pain, thorough work ups for kidney problems, recurrent UTIs. Since this entity was removed I have not had any more trouble. I was seen to be so indecisive that my mind appeared like an oscillating sprinkler, and I agreed. After my healing I was much more clear in my thoughts and decision making abilities. Many negative energetic chords were removed from my throat. They were a result of a verbally and emotionally abusive relationship.  I felt a lot of physical symptoms during my healing as well.  Everything from arm heaviness, to headache toward the end of the healing, pain/pressure at my solar plexus, blurry vision, throat pain.  It was a remarkable and just amazing experience.  The serenity the spiritual healing brought me, the calm, the security, the ability to function, the light feeling, the absence of fear, just can’t be put in to words.

Later that day I was at my daughter’s soccer practice, looked up and saw a rainbow.  For no good reason, I took a photo of it. Well, we all instantly think of a friend who we know would benefit from a healing. I called that friend.  I even shared my reading and healing with her. She texted me a photo at the end of listening to my healing. She looked up and saw a rainbow. No, I’m not pulling your leg!  Deniella did find me to have a third eye which had been closed. As a kid I recall several occasions where I had premonitions, and I can happily say the third eye is open again.

Several weeks later I found myself calling on Deniella again. I was in the middle of trying to sell my home and was getting zero activity; not even a showing. I was priced to sell but couldn’t attract anyone to come inside.  I hadn’t felt at ease in my home since I got there. I felt like I was being “watched” so much that I was uneasy even changing my clothes.  Had to ask myself if buyers felt turned off by the vibe there too.  Within hours of Deniella accessing the grid lines of my home and setting the intent to evict the unwanted spirits, I had a showing. THE showing!  The couple who bought my home came through that same day!

If you’re considering a House Healing/Clearing I have to also tell you that my kids (ages 7, 9 and too old to NOT sleep through the night) got up and made their way to my bed a lot! Nightmares, trouble falling asleep like a bedtime anxiety, on and on. This behavior stopped after my house was cleared and the grid lines were changed.

With that, Deniella found that the source of these negative entities/spirits was me. She saw a sad young girl who didn’t get to go anywhere, and this was the source of her sadness. This was clearly from my childhood and not known to anyone outside of my immediate family. Funny how something from 35 years ago impacted me even today, caused immense hostility, and so happy it’s all gone!

Obviously, I love talking about what the healings have done for me. Me, my family, everyone I encounter. Dawn and Deniella, their accessibility, kindness, interest, the fact they quickly become friends who call and check on me makes them priceless!  Two genuinely special ladies.

ValerieOutside Washington, D.C.

I started my healing with Dawn and Denielle over 3 years ago. I have achieved incredible progress and growth in my personal and professional development. And I am very grateful to both Dawn and Denielle for being with me every step of the way during this journey. I was not able to achieve as much after years of conventional psychotherapy and relationship therapy.

Dawn and Denielle helped me release a lot of deep-rooted emotional pain, anger, and anxiety that was present since my early childhood and solidified during my adolescence. I have released depression and feelings of stagnancy that I was not able to release with the psychotherapy I did earlier or with self-help resources. Even though this progress was an incremental & gradual process, I could notice the results after each and every healing. Most importantly, thanks to Dawn and Denielle’s healings, I have been mastering the tools to handle anxiety, fear, stress, and burnout. I now feel as though I am finally in synch with my true self. When I get out of balance, I am able to re-connect and put myself on the right track.

I feel truly unstoppable in achieving whatever my heart and mind desires. In terms of professional development and career, I am on the right and fast track. It feels as though the healings removed piles of dust and layers of debris to help me get to the “internal” reserves of wisdom, intelligence, and creativity. It feels so amazing to be able to finally trust myself and trust that the universe is working with me every step of the way.

For years I struggled with finding and being comfortable with my own unique identity. Thanks to the healings, I have re-discovered my sense of self-worth and confidence. I have become comfortable with my own self and finally enjoy my own company without the need to be validated by the outside world. For a very long time, I also struggled with romantic relationships, to be more precise – with the lack of them. I found dating to be somewhat disappointing and was always fearful of betrayal and loneliness. I don’t feel this way anymore. I feel loved and cared for and enjoy the intertwining nature of a relationship. I experience a strong emotional support and deep connection on many different levels. As a result of the healings, my heart is getting used to loving and connecting and better things are yet to come. I continue working on myself and healings will help me become a great lifelong partner, spouse, and parent.      

Another unique thing about their healings is that I can now differentiate whether a particular feeling is valid (my own) or is brought about by another person’s baggage and/or external factors, such as attachments, negative entities and demons. I recall quite a few instances when uncontrollable emotional pain, anxiety, panic attacks were almost immediately alleviated after Dawn and Denielle’s intervention. The healings taught me the value of maintaining balance and helped me develop such a valuable skill of self-awareness and self-healing.     

Their healings are all about love, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion. They helped me elevate myself to a different spiritual level. I was able to heal and enhance the relationships with my parents and I continue working on it. I have been able to better help others to cope with life situations and stressors. I also noted that a lot of people have turned to me for guidance and help and I was able to help them. This is another skill I discovered in myself. Also, my connection with the Divine has become so much stronger. I feel God’s presence so much more acutely.

I love the fact that a “life coaching” component plays an important role in Dawn and Deniella’s healing process. They don’t just heal, but help develop and strengthen life skills! They strongly encourage following through and continuously working on becoming a better self.

I will whole-heartedly attest to Dawn and Deniella’s unique healing methods.

Anna A. Washington, D.C.

A dear friend suggested that I receive a reading and healing from Dawn and Deniella. Things for me had been going along pretty well, but I often had a sense of being held back, and not fully realizing my purpose and abilities, and not feeling loved. I met with both of them several weeks later, and they were very caring and sensitive. Their reading picked up on the entity of an old, abusive relationship which had occurred over a 6 month period of my life, well over 15 years ago. My abuser had died a couple of years after our relationship ended, and they explained that he had attached himself to me and found energetic ties around my heart/solar plexus area. This may explain why relationships have been a bit difficult for me ever since, even though I’ve truly worked on it through meditation, yoga and radical forgiveness! 

During the healing, I felt blessed, and also felt a variety of sensations from chills to heat to dizziness to feeling grounded and loved. The releases which lasted several weeks were a bit intense and included life-like dreams of the particular abusive entity. I contacted Dawn & Deniella because it felt scary to me and Dawn called right back, with comforting words helping me to understand that this was part of the process. It has been a couple of months since my reading/healing and I’m feeling happier, a bit more alive despite a lot of life transitions happening for me right now. My outlook feels brighter, and I have not had any recurrence of the scary dreams since those initial few weeks. 

BIG gratitude to Dawn and Deniella for this important work and service they provide to folks who are suffering, bringing the truth and love back into their lives so that they can move forward. This is a real blessing.

Anna A.Computers, Washington, D.C.

I am amazed by the incredible talents of Dawn and Deniella. I am very pleased with their thoroughness and high professional standards. Also, they do such an amazing job following up with clients after sessions and helping them along the way.

I hope more people turn to these healings as opposed to antidepressants and psychotherapy.

Lisa M.Washington, D.C.

Deniella and Dawn’s Long Distance Healings/Clearings have helped me courageously handle a lot of major challenges which were taking place in my life all at the same time. I would not have been able to face them and work through them to turn my life around without amazing healing sessions with Dawn and Deniella. Apart from the actual healing and releasing of all the unnecessary “stuff” which did not serve me any longer, Dawn and Deniella conveyed a lot of vital messages from the Spirit Guides. These messages contained extremely valuable and relevant guidance and validation. In addition, Dawn and Deniella shared amazing healing and self-care tools which I have been practicing since then. After just two healing sessions within a little less than two months, they have helped me achieve greater peace, discover my inner true self, reveal my intrinsic confidence, and exercise good judgment. Much to my surprise, the healings were able to remove blocks that buried my much needed strength and vigor to overcome layers of self-doubt, insecurities and low self esteem.  This has allowed me to enjoy a more fulfilling life.

After the second healing session with Dawn and Deniella, I noticed so much progress in just about every area of my life and major things have come to fruition for me: I have finally landed a new, better job and had plenty of courage and confidence to negotiate better terms with my new employer. I also freed myself from unfulfilling relationships with emotionally abusive people who were undermining my strength and sabotaging my happiness. I feel that in such short time, I finally re-connected with myself and healed so much of my childhood wounding; while 1.5 years of conventional psychotherapy did not achieve nearly as much. I can’t wait until my next healing session to see what “comes up”!

Anne T.Alexandria, VA

I will whole-heartedly recommend Deniella and Dawn’s Long Distance healings. Their healing sessions helped me create a more fulfilling life by improving my health and I feel more equipped to build a compelling and quality life moving forward.

Thank you Dawn for holding my hand through the process, every step of the way.

I can’t wait for my next healing!

Linda K.Retired, Cleveland, Ohio